3pt: 3 Point Shooter Challenge things to keep in mind before playing

Textbook Gameplay

Although it’s not a full basketball experience, 3pt 3 Point Shooter Challenge features some of the best gameplay you’ll see in a mobile hoops game. Yes, all you can do is shoot in the game, but it’s how well and realistic it plays that stands out the way it does. 

Sometimes, it’s just the little things that stand out. The ball physics for one is impressive. When firing the game up for the first time a while back, I wasn’t sure how the flight of the ball was going to look but it’s excellent across the board. The arching and overall movement of the ball is realistic. 

The jump shots look pretty good as well. Now, of course, jump shots are like golf swings as no two are alike, but as far as basic technique goes, 3 Point Shooter Challenge did a great job of replicating it. Another small thing is how the net sways when your shots fall. It’s almost just like NBA 2K or College Hoops 2K. That’s how good the net animations are. Again, a really tiny detail, but sometimes, those small things can add to the immersion. 

Single-Player Only

One important thing to keep in mind when playing 3pt: 3 Point Shooter Challenge is there is no multiplayer element at the moment. It is a single-player experience where you just focus on achieving the highest score you can on each of the courts.

There is a career mode where you travel to several cities around the world and try and score well on their courts. From New York to Chicago to Melbourne and everywhere else in between. Each location has its own set of goals that you need to complete to advance to the next city.

There’s also a new mode called “Leagues” where you take on different CPU ballers in one-on-one battles to win prizes. The leagues are broken up by continent, starting with North America. Defeat different characters to unlock new leagues and win more prizes. Just a wild guess, but perhaps this new mode could segway into the game possibly including multiplayer.

Solid Customization Options

Something that is always nice to see, especially in games that are as expressive as sports games is customization. In 3pt: 3 Point Shooter Challenge, the options that are available for you to unlock is deeper than I thought before firing the game up.

From shirts and jerseys to pants, shorts, hats, and sneakers, there is plenty of apparel options to choose from in the game. One of the better customization options is the ability to choose the style of basketball you want to use during contests.

There are some cool flag options to choose from if you want to rep your country. Then you have some quirky ones whether it’s a ball that looks like an alien, a food item, or a ball that replicates a ball from another sport such as baseball. Some of these basketballs can give you some slight boosts in your accuracy and shooting speed which can come in handy when you’re trying to complete goals at the courts.





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