100% Golf: Some tips to keep your percentage up on each hole

Think lighter

It’s easy to think that hitting the ball as hard as you can is the best strategy. In most golf games, yes, this is a pretty good idea. But, in 100% Golf, it can backfire on you in a hurry. You would think that the bold is rewarded, but here, it’s all about being smart. 

So go light with your shots. Remember, you don’t want to eat up your percentage too quickly. If you decide to go for the home run (in this case, hole-in-one), then your percentage will drop dramatically. Plus, it’s not going to be worth it anyway, because you’ll be surprised at how far the ball will go. 

So, even when you hit it lightly, it will still go a fair distance. Just keep this in mind that touch is rewarded more than power. Always think light on every shot. Because you’ll be stunned at how quickly the percentage will drop, so always think soft on each shot. 

Study the hole

The holes will get a bit trickier as they go, so definitely try to study each one before pulling the trigger. Not saying that you need to sit there for 10 minutes before teeing off, but just give it a quick glance and understand the layout. 

Pay attention to different hazards, and keep thinking about your touch. If there’s bunker nearby, then make the right judgment on your shot so you can avoid it. If you do find yourself in playing in the sand, then you will need to provide a bit more power on your shot. 

And more power means your percentage will get torn up, so be careful. But on those tricky holes, plan each shot without spending too much time on it if you’re someone who likes to keep a steady flow of action going. If you like to take things a bit slower, then feel free to take your time if a tough shot presents itself. 

Use the borders if needed

There are walls in 100% Golf that you can ricochet shots off of. It’s not always recommended to use them, but they can come in handy when you need them. If you find yourself in a tight spot then you can use the borders to help get your ball closer to the hole. 

The speed remains fair when your shots are hit off of them. And hitting them doesn’t damage your percentage either.If you get lucky, your ricocheted shot may roll right into the cup. Unfortunately, you won’t get style points for this, but hey, it still makes you look good, right? 

Aiming for the walls will also allow you to hit the ball a bit harder (at your own risk). If you see a good angle, and if you feel you can get to the hole with a good smack on the wall, then go for it. It’s taking a risk, but if it’s just too good of a shot to pass up, then give it a try. In the worst case; if you miss, then maybe you’ll have just enough percentage left to finish off the hole. 

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