Pangolin Park has released 1-800 SUPER on the iOS App Store.

In the futuristic world of 2056, superpowered humans run rampant in a dystopic dream land. You play as a hotline operator giving advice to the heroes and villains who call in with their everyday problems. This could range from trivial issues such as a problem they’re having with their TV at home, to more consequential topics that are a matter of life and death. It’s your choice on whether to bring the superhuman forces into balance by giving constructive advice, or you can let everything crash and burn instead.

Inspired by classic superhero comic books, the tone of 1-800 SUPER’s story shifts between dark comedy and drama with its humorously exaggerated performances. The world is full of whimsical characters; expressive vigilantes and destructive supervillains who are battling it out to achieve their goals with and against each other, all while you can be the puppet master behind these powerful forces of nature, carefully making major decisions in the background.

Utilising a fake phone interface complete with complex dialogues and faux social media feeds, 1-800 SUPER features cinematic sound design, comic illustrations, and more than 15 professional voice actors so it’s quite a chunky game in terms of the amount of content put into it. It’s also funded by the city of Berlin (Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg), which is where Pangolin Park is based. The Medienboard’s new media funding supports the development and production of innovative art content such as movies, TV series, and video games.

You can now download 1-800 SUPER on the iOS App Store. It costs £2.99. There is currently no word on a version coming to Google Play for Android.
1-800 SUPER is a very text-focused game, and if you like these sorts of games and want to find more like them, we have a list here of the best ones on mobile.

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